Irina Gromchenko is 27 years old and was born in Ukraine and moved to Australia in her teens with her family. After graduating University of South Australia with Finance Degree and in process of completing Master of Financial Planning. Irina keeps an active lifestyle and enjoys the challenges that life throws her way and has a passion and a hobby that has always kept her grounded. This passion is fashion, shoes, make-up, handbags and traveling. It’s this hobby where Irina’s heart truly lies and where her passion really is. She has always had a fantastic eye to mix and match outfits with the right handbag or shoes. She thrives on the challenge of reviewing new products or brands and is always looking to find new ways and fresh ideas within the fashion industry. It is with this new platform that Irina can reach out to a wider audience. Irina is determined to provide a fresh new face and an alternative perspective to blogging and she hopes that all of you who share her passions and love for fashion, will enjoy it just as much.