Ways to buy your Dream Bag!

img_4665Hello to all my beautiful friends. I will start today’s blog with my passion for fashion and some designer items that I have.


As we all know the best things in life are more likely to be expensive… I am going on a holiday to Hawaii in less than a month and would really love to purchase a new Chanel Boy Bag, which comes with a pricey price tag.


I have decided to go through my wardrobe and sell some of the items that I no longer use or enjoy wearing. You know what they say, if you don’t feel like a million dollars wearing an item, then its time to let it go to a better home where it will continue getting the love it truly deserves!


This is exactly what I am going to do… I’m letting some of my most cherished designer item’s, find a new home for them to receive just as much love.


I have no problem in purchasing or owing pre-loved items and most of the time you will be surprised what you can find in your local pre-loved designer boutiques. Living in Adelaide we have few shops that are like that and over the years I have truly scored some fantastic bargains.


So now its time for me to be on the other side and sell some of my wonderful items and purchase one of my dream bags that’s been on my wish list ever since I first purchased my Chanel Classic Flap.

i hope this inspires you to sell some of your much loved items for someone else to enjoy and in return makes room for new and exciting items to make their way in our lives.


Regards CC x


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